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Angry Gamers Inc. (.AGI.) - A different way to live in New Eden!

Fed up with hi-sec and thinking of moving to null? Live in Null and want to try something a little different? Look no further than .AGI.

For Hi sec players looking to try null we are a highly experienced group of players who will guide you through the process and our mentor program will have your back every step of the way as you skill to be part of the largest fights in Eve. Being part of Test we get access to the best of everything, best fights, best markets, best FC’s, best community, oh and not forgetting, a game leading ship replacement program for if things do go wrong. Don't be worried about a full time commitment to Null as we, as a corp, have realised there’s a lot of ISK to be made mining the valuable core minerals that now only exist in Hi-sec and will work in both Hi and Null.

For null players fed up with the fighting for every last rock with 12 other Rorqs, mining for hours not to have the key materials you need, then look no further. Our Hi-sec operations allow for the mining of the now valuable core minerals without having to pay through the nose in Jita, allowing safer mining with the content we love in null.

Make no mistake, if you want a carebear corp, that's not us. Think yourself a carebear with teeth, or even a full fledged PVP player then you’re more than welcome.

What we require:

  • People to be part of a corp, no lone wolves.
  • Willingness to meet and exceed alliance participation requirements
  • The ability to be on Mumble comms (mic and speakers, headset preferred)
  • The willingness to skill into doctrine ships
  • Full ESI for all characters you own on all accounts
  • 5 million sp minimum
  • main must not be an alpha account

What we offer:

  • Highly skilled and experienced corp leadership
  • Support and guidance for nearly all aspects of Eve
  • Alliance SRP
  • Relaxed atmosphere.
  • Alliance logistics

A different approach to live in New Eden. Interested? Join our discord

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