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Timezone: US (Primary) / EU

Public Recruitment

If you’re interested in joining Alcoholocaust, feel free to stop by our public channel, SUAD Recruitment and read the instructions. We’re looking for people that will fit in with our culture as well as enjoy our drunken antics. As a corp we are not newbro friendly and have a ~30 million SP requirement minimum. Minokawa alt is required to join. As a primarily PVP oriented corp, we are looking for pilots who are interested in joining and leading fleets for the alliance or corp. If you decide you’re interested we will need full ESIs for all characters you own, and for you to hop on mumble and have a small chat with us.

In-game pub channel: SUAD Recruitment

Recruiters: Sashi Romanenko (US TZ), Frayne Train, Tackly Tackleson

What do we offer?

1) Monthly PVP competitions - We have a friendly pvp competition each month rewarding our top 3 killers with some isks

2) Large scale PVP- As a part of TEST alliance, we actively partake in the large sov battles one would expect as a NullSec alliance. We are currently at war for space in the South

3) Small gang PVP - Our corp originated in “LowSec elite DVD” and enjoys small gang roams, camps, and bling fleets.

4) Capital PVP - Alcoholocaust is considered a CAPITAL CORP, meaning that all of us fly capitals. By far it is one of our primary focuses. If you are a capital pilot or an aspiring noob with BIG appetite and pure hatred for transversal don't hesitate and contact one of us ASAP. We also offer discounts for cap pilots and corp capital SRP. (Meaning we replace your shit.)

5) Covops and hotdrops - We have plenty of BLOPS pilots and many covops pilots and run fleets with Predditors. Because who doesn't like dropping hot, steamy payloads on filthy neutrals!?

6) Industry/Mining - We have a group of members actively invested in building and supplying the corp and alliance with capital assets. If you are an indy person with some pvp inclination (read: will contribute to the alliance's military goals in a pewpew way) please contact us, we don't discriminate. “Exclusively indy” pilots need not apply.

10) Philosophical discussions on irrelevant things while sloshed. - No matter what you do in eve, in this corp you will never get bored. If things are slow we don't hesitate to play other games, or just sit around and bullshit till we have better things to do. We don't qualify as a standard eve corp, WE ARE A COMMUNITY. Because we treat people like family and our fun never ends.

What do we want?

1) Experienced pilots who don’t need their hand held on every issue or very fast learning newbros.

2) Active pilots. We don’t have an activity requirement but we heavily prefer people who will log in and hang out with us. But once you join, you probably will play a lot more anyway.

3) People who can handle mature comms - and likewise, no under 18 players at this time please.

4) No drama queens. If you with that drama lama shit, please join Imperium or some other faceless meatgrinder corp.

5) Individuality. We want you to be a person and not another blank meat shield, so communicate, integrate, get on comms & discord, and get to know your bros / sisters.


CEO: - Sashi Romanenko

Directors: Creecher Virpio, Kane Larrete, Tackly Tackleson

Join today or be bored forever.

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