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0.0 Massive Dynamic [0MD]

TimeZone: EU/US/AU

0.0 Massive Dynamic [0MD] is a medium-sized NullSec, pure industrial focused Corp, with a mixture of both new and very experienced, mature members who have been playing for 1-10+ years. Two key advantages of a medium sized corp for the line members are

  1. that there are always people online when you are and
  2. that you are not just another anonymous line-member in a huge corp where no one notices if you are around or not.

We are proud of being a 'drama free' and stable corp based on friendship, respect, and helpful people. Our new members usually comment that they have never been in such a friendly and respectful corp before and often invite their old like-minded friends to join us. We are not a hardcore corp requiring our members to play each day and alarm clock for CTA’s etc. But, we like to do things well and in an organized manner. So flying proper doctrines and being up to date with the current meta is important to us, avoiding unnecessary PVE losses too. Whelps? No thanks (we try to avoid the obvious ones at least!).

Said about our corp:

  • “You guys have the best run corp I've ever seen, and I'm proud to be a part of it.”
  • “can vouch for infinite point, I'm not in their corp but all of the guys I met in IP are super cool, fun to fly with and knowledgeable.”
  • “I'm an Ex-Infinite point member and I still have nothing but good things to say about them. If your joining test and want chill they are your guys IMO.”
  • “Absolutely stellar leadership and great members, thanks for allowing me to be part if this great team”

As a Corp in TEST alliance, one of the three largest alliances in New Eden, there is a lot of safe systems to use with very active home defense fleets and lots of customers for your capital builds.

What we can offer through the corp and Alliance/Coalition we are part of:

  • Daily Mining Fleets
  • Buyback programs for ore, PI and ice
  • Perfect Rorqual Boosts (no charge)
  • Industrial index 5 systems
  • Capital Production
  • SOV
  • Combat/Data/Relic/Gas/Ore Sites
  • Protection
  • Excellent atmosphere & close community
  • Mumble and Discord
  • Our own Website and IT Services
  • Friendship
  • Massive collection of BPOs
  • No Drama
  • Ship Replacement Programs
  • Discounted prices on ships
  • JF Services
  • POS'es
  • PI
  • Low Corp and POCO Taxes
  • PVP Branch for your alt(s)
    • Daily PVP Roams
    • Daily Small Gang PVP
    • Daily Large Fleet PVP
  • Lots of Fun and Action

What We are looking for:

  • Experienced industrialists.
  • Team Players
  • Can communicate in English
  • Players who are regularly playing and active
  • Easy going, helpful, respectful and mature people
  • Must have Mumble & Discord installed and willing to use when needed
  • Must provide Account wide API for all chars, no exceptions

A bit more about who we are:

The core leadership has been with the corp for 10 years through different mergers, and we have a very dedicated and stable core of players. The members are a mature group of like-minded players who enjoy PvP or just doing things together and working towards a common goal, we drink the odd beer (some even drink red wine, and I personally go for Rum & Coke) here and there with a very laid back atmosphere.

Our main goal is to Focus on industrial related activities, no matter if it's; mining, PI, harvesting, research, building or something else. As long as we can produce something, we will be doing it! For us, an active industrialist who's working towards our common goals is equally important as someone doing PVP. We don't look down on industrialists but rather think they play a very valuable part in our corp.

Speaking about PVP, we do have an active and effective PVP branch in a separate corp if that’s your thing, called Infinite Point [3.14-] where you can let off steam, ruin your new toys and help protect our turf. So if you are interested in that kind of stuff and it makes your blood pump, we are part of an alliance so there are plenty of opportunities for shooting other things than asteroids. Our members have their main in either the PVP or Indy Corp and alts in one or the other depending on their preferences.

We prefer if our members have at least 3-4 accounts. Why? It makes more sense to provide Rorqual Boost to one guy with four miners, compared to one guy with just one miner. And someone with multiple accounts is able to take care of belt rats by himself, while the one with just one account probably will need help from someone else. That being said, we are a fairly understanding bunch and are willing to change the requirements based on the individual - given that you have the right attitude, are willing to listen, learn, train and understand that life will be hard until you get the core skills trained to a decent level.


If this all sounds interesting, drop by our recruitment channel “Infinite Point Recruitment” (we use the same recruitment channel for PVP and Industrialist corps) or join our discord server and have a chat with us.

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