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How To Wiki

Test has a new(ish) wiki, and it has some differences from our old wiki.

Finding Stuff

One of the biggest things that has changed is we do not use sidebars and categories anymore while the old wiki . This makes it harder to find things, so here are a couple of ways to find what you're looking for.

The search bar in the upper right corner works. Type a keyword for what you're looking for, and the wiki should find it.


The Sitemap (just below the search bar) provides a way to browse the various pages created so far, and to see how they're organized. One of the reasons we switched to the new wiki software is it allows us to organize pages intuitively (and restrict access based on that organization.

For example, some corps have their own pages with corp-level fittings. These pages can be configured so that only members of that corp can see and edit them.

Editing Articles

The syntax for how to write articles has changed. The Formatting Syntax page has a good overview of the standard features as well as some of the plugins we've installed, or you can use the toolbar in the editing interface to format the text (like on the forums). We also have some special Test/Eve specific TEST Wiki Customizations that you should find useful.

Creating a New Article

To create a new article, just type in the address of where you think it should be, then click the pencil icon on the right hand side to start it.

Deleting an Article

Another difference between this wiki and the old one is deleting articles. To delete an article, just edit it and delete all the content. That's it. It won't show up in the site map or search anymore.

Restoring/Reverting Changes

Below the pencil icon used for editing/creating articles, there's a clock icon labeled “Old Revisions” that you can use to look at old revisions. To restore one of these revisions, simply view it, then click the arrow circle labeled “Restore” from there. Save the content you see, and now it's restored.

Moving Pages

If you think a page has a bad link or is in the wrong place, you can contact one of the admins in either the wiki Jabber channel or in it-office to move the article/namespace to the new one. This should fix links inside the wiki and also preserve the revision history.

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