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30D Plan

The 30 Day Plan is a basic skill training plan intended for new players to Eve. Included skills are useful to all but specialized alt characters and provide access to Tech 1 ships of many races. Priority groups allow you to unlock the abilitiy to fly certain ships of TEST_Free and other doctrine builds. You can download the plan in xml-format at

Priority groups

The skill plan can be sorted by Priority in EveMon. This is advisable since you will be able to fly more and more ships with time.

Priority Unlocks
1 TEST_Free Slasher (Fast tackle)
2 TEST_Free Thrasher (Fast tackle)
3 TEST_Free Scythe (Logi)
4 TEST_Free Exequror + TEST_Free Celestis
5 Vexor with Tech 1 Drones (Ratting/Level 3 Missions)

Skill groups

The varying skills trained in this plan are listed below with a short description of why it is useful to train them.


Hull Upgrades Increases Hull hitpoints by 5% per level
Mechanics Increases Structure hitpoints by 5% per level e.g. a POS you put up
Remote Armor Repair Systems Systems that allow you to repair armor while in space cost capacitor points to fit. Remote Armor Repair Systems reduces the cost by 5% per level
Repair Systems 5% reduction of the armor repair system cycles per level

Electronic Systems

Cloaking Needed to use cloaking devices. Each level reduces the targeting delay after uncloaking by 10%
Propulsion Jamming Reduces the capacitor cost to use Warp Scrambler, Warp Disruptor and Stasis Web by 5% per level
Sensor Linking Reduces the capacitor cost to use Sensor boosters and Sensor dampers by 5% per level


Capacitor Systems Operation Decreases the time your capacitor needs to recharge again by 5% per level
CPU Management Increases your ship's CPU capacity by 5% per level
Capacitor Management Increases capacitor capacity by 5% per level
Power Grid Management Increases your ship's Powergrid capacity by 5% per level
Electronics Upgrades Reduces the CPU cost of all Electronic upgrades by 5% per level
Energy Grid Upgrades Reduces the CPU cost of all Power upgrades by 5% per level
Weapon Upgrades Reduces the CPU cost of of Turrets, Launchers, Smartbombs and weapon upgrades by 5% per level


Small Projectile Turret Increases damage by Small Projectile Turret by 5% per level
Acceleration Control Increases speed bonus from MicroWarpDrives and AfterBurners by 5% per level
Afterburner Afterburner cycle reduced by 5% and capacitor cost reduced by 10% per level
Evasive Maneuvering 5% bonus to turning and accelerating your ship per level
Fuel Conservation Reduces AfterBurner capacitor cost by 10% per level
Warp Drive Operation Reduces MicroWarpDrive capacitor cost by 10% per level
High Speed Maneuvering Reduces MicroWarpDrive capacitor cost by 5% per level
Navigation Increases ship velocity (speed) by 5% per level (does not affect warp speed)

Neural Enhancement

Cybernetics Needed to use cybernetic implants. Each level unlocks a higher tier of implants
Infomorph Psychology Allows installment of jump clones in different stations. Each level allows one more jump clone


Armor Rigging Armor rigs always come with drawbacks. Armor Rigging reduces those drawbacks by 10% per level
Shield Rigging Shield rigs always come with drawbacks. Shield Rigging reduces those drawbacks by 10% per level
Jury Rigging Needed to fit rigs. Allows more fitting more complex rigs with higher skill levels

Resource Processing

Salvaging The chance to salvage something is pretty low in the beginning. Salvaging increases your base chance by 100% per level


Astrometrics Each level increases the strength and decreases the deviation, plus scan time by 5% per level, leading to faster, more precise results when using Scanner Probes
Survey Decreases the time ship, cargo and surface scanners take by 5% per level


Shield Emission Systems Special equipment allow you to transfer your shield to other players/structures, acting as a 'healer'. Shield Emission Systems reduce the capacitor costs of this special equipment by 5% per level
Shield Management Increases shield by 5% per level
Shield Operation Lowers the recharge time of the shield by 5% per level
Shield Upgrades Reduces the Powergrid cost of Shield Upgrades by 5% per level
Tactical Shield Manipulation When your shield falls below 25% damage has a chance to penetrate and be dealt to hull. Tactical Shield Manipulation decreases this chance by 5% per level. At level 5 your shield can not be penetrated

Spaceship Command

Caldari Frigate Ability to fly Caldari Frigates.
Gallente Frigate Ability to fly Gallente Frigates
Minmatar Frigate Ability to fly Minmatar Frigates
Gallente Destroyer Ability to fly Gallente Destroyers
Minmatar Destroyer Ability to fly Minmatar Destroyers
Gallente Cruiser Ability to fly Gallente Cruisers
Minmatar Cruiser Ability to fly Minmatar Cruisers


Long Range Targeting Increases the maximum range at which you can target an object by 5% per level
Signature Analysis Decreases the time it takes to target something by 5% per level
Target Management Allows you to target one more object per skill level
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