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Fleet Booster


Fleet Boosting ships provide the force multiplier for a fleet by making them a stronger force with boosts that would otherwise be unobtainable. Using a module called Command Burst these ships can give boosts to areas such as: armor, shield, skirmish, information, and mining.


Ship & Module Restrictions

Command burst modules can only be fitted to ships of the following categories:

  • Capital Industrial Ships
  • Carriers
  • Combat Battlecruisers
  • Command Destroyers
  • Command Ships
  • Force Auxiliaries
  • Industrial Command Ships
  • Strategic Cruisers with the Support Processor offensive subsystem
  • Supercarriers
  • Titans

Command Bursts

The command burst modules come in five different variants, each with three different type of charges giving different effects, as well as a tech one and a tech two version of the command burst modules. The only notable difference between the Command Burst I and Command Burst II module is that the tech two module is +25% stronger and the tech two variant requiring the specialization skill.

Upon activation of a Command Burst module you will get a Weapon Timer for 60 seconds and the bonuses will spread amongst any and all fleet members within your area of effect range. Both the duration and area of effect range is highly influenced by your skills and if you're using any of the special command mindlink implants or industrial cores.

Command Burst ModulesCommand Burst ChargesEffectBaseMax
Armor CommandArmor EnergizingArmor Resistance bonus+8%+21.56%
Armor ReinforcementArmor HP bonus+8%+21.56%
Rapid RepairArmor Repair Modules: Duration & Capacitor-use bonus-8%-21.56%
Information CommandElectronic HardeningSensor Strength Bonus+9%+24.26%
Remote Sensor Dampener/Remote Weapon Disruption Resistance bonus+18%+48.52%
Electronic SuperiorityElectronic Warfare modules: Range and Strength bonus+9%+24.26%
Sensor OptimizationScan Resolution Bonus+9%+24.26%
Targeting Range bonus+18%+48.52%
Mining ForemanMining Equipment PreservationMining crystal volatility bonus-15%-57.13%
Mining Laser Field EnhancementMining / Survey module range bonus+30%+114.26%
Mining Laser OptimizationMining Modules: Duration & Capacitor-use bonus-15%-57.13%
Shield CommandActive ShieldingShield Repair Modules: Duration & Capacitor-use bonus-8%-21.56%
Shield ExtensionShield HP bonus+8%+21.56%
Shield HarmonizingShield Resistance bonus+8%+21.56%
Skirmish CommandEvasive ManeuversSignature Radius bonus
Agility bonus
Interdiction ManeuversTackle module range bonus+12%+32.34%
Rapid DeploymentAB / MWD module speed increase bonus+12%+32.34%


Numerous skills affect the effectiveness of command links. Training these skills is crucial for dedicated fleet boosting ships, especially command destroyers which do not have a role bonus for range. Ship-specific skills typically affect strength and duration for their faction's two racial command burst categories; Strategic Cruisers have 3 bonused categories, while the Porpoise is only bonused for mining.

General Skills
AttributeSkillBonus per level
Strength<Category> Command
Mining Foreman
<Category> Command Specialist
Mining Director
Wing Command6%
Fleet Command5%
Reload timeCommand Burst Specialist-10%
Ship-Specific Skills
Ship ClassSkillBonus per level
Command ShipCommand Ships3%
Command DestroyerCommand Destroyers2%
Supercarrier<Racial> Carrier
Strategic Cruiser<Racial> Offensive Systems
Carrier and Force Auxiliary<Racial> Carrier1%
RorqualCapital Industrial Ships5% (mining)
3% (shield)
OrcaIndustrial Command Ships3% (mining)
1% (shield)

Mindlinks are slot 10 implants that improve the effect strength of command bursts by 25%. Because of this substantial increase, they should be used whenever possible when flying a dedicated fleet boosting ship. Each mindlink requires Cybernetics V plus the relevant Command Specialist V.

In addition to mindlinks for each of the 5 command burst categories, there are five faction mindlinks that provide a bonus to two categories each:

Faction MindlinkAffected Categories
Caldari Navy Command MindlinkShield Command, Information Command
Federation Navy Command MindlinkArmor Command, Skirmish Command
Imperial Navy Command MindlinkArmor Command, Information Command
ORE Mining Director MindlinkShield Command, Mining Foreman
Republic Fleet Command MindlinkShield Command, Skirmish Command


Command burst organization is typically done in a dedicated in-game channel for alliance fleets.

As the fleet is forming, indicate the following information in channel:

  • The fleet you are in, if multiple fleets are forming
  • The specific charges you are running (drag the charges into the fleet window)
  • Your skill level for the specific ship
  • The mindlink you are using

For example:

> STRAT OP GOKU Shield Harmonizing Charge Shield Extension Charge cd5+ml
> Active Shielding Sensor Optimization cs5+navy ml
> Active Shielding Electronic Superiority cs4+shield ml

Coordinate with other pilots in the channel to ensure the desired boosts are covered. For typical fleets, all of the tanking, shield and skirmish boosts are desired, although the priority will vary. For capital fleets, both shield and armor boosts are desired, even for a purely shield fleet, as the off-tank buffer on capital ships is substantial.

During the fleet, if you are no longer able to provide boosts for the fleet, indicate as such along with what charges you were running. If a charge is no longer being covered, organize someone running another charge redundantly, or a lower-priority charge, to take it over if possible.

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