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Ykarra's Planetary Interaction Fluff

Planetary interaction was introduced with the Tyrannis expansion and adds an element of depth to industrial processes by letting players interact with planets to mine their wonderful goo.

This is my guide to such - I'll try not to get too involved and keep it simple so anyone can get to grips with the basics in a short of time as possible.

Getting Started


So what do you need to get started? You'll need some basic skills to begin with

  • Remote Sensing - This is an absolute must as without it to at least level 1 you won't be able to scan planets for resources
  • Interplanetary Consolidation - Allows you to occupy one additional planet per level
  • Command Centre Upgrades - Allows you to upgrade the command centre with ISK for better CPU/powergrid

Those are the basic skills and it's up to you how far you want to train into them, though I'd say focus more on command centre upgrades as it allows you to put more down on a planet but absolutely get remote sensing to level 1 before starting.

Further to those skills, these are complementary and will help later on when you get more advanced

  • Planetology - Increases detail for heat gradient relating to resource distribution
  • Advanced Planetology - Increases sensor precision for resource distribution

Setting up Shop

Setting down on a planet is as simple as choosing a planet, putting the planet type command centre in a ship with a big enough cargohold. I'll go into planet types and their available resources later on in the guide.

But once the command centre is in the cargohold warp off to the planet and then right click to view it in planet mode - once in there you'll be able to drop the command centre down on the planet and it will disappear from your hold. You do not need to interface with the customs office to do this - it'll tell you to feck off.


Planet Types

There are 8 main types:

  • Lava
  • Temperate
  • Plasma
  • Storm
  • Oceanic
  • Ice
  • Gas
  • Barren

Each of these have their own resource types available, given by this table:

Lava Temperate Plasma Storm Oceanic Ice Gas Barren
Aqueous Liquids .X.XXXXX
Base Metals X.XX..XX
Complex Organisms .X..X...
Heavy Metals X.X..X..
Micro Organisms .X..XX.X
Noble Metals ..X....X
Planktic Colonies ....XX..
Suspended Plasma X.XX....
Autotrophs .X......
Carbon Compounds .X..X..X
Felsic Magma X.......
Ionic Solutions ...X..X.
Noble Gas ...X.XX.
Non-CS Crystals X.X.....
Reactive Gas ......X.

These are the base resources, after that there are an additional 4 tiers of products you can make from these - with each tier of product requiring the last, e.g. Tier 4 products will require T3 products etc.

Use this to see a complete breakdown of products and requirements


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