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Jump Bridges (Training)


Jump Bridges are similar to Gates, in that they transport the user from one system to another. The difference is that these bridges are built and maintained by players. They can be constructed in sovereign systems and can provide quick routes around otherwise difficult to navigate regions. Using jump bridges is advantageous because you can travel faster, jumping over multiple systems. By using jump bridges you can also avoid gate camps.

Current Jump Bridge List

Using Jump Bridges

  • Ansiblex Jump bridges can be anchored at a location of the owner's choosing. The only limitations are a minimum range to other structures and celestial objects and a limit of one per system.
    • Common locations are near stargates for faster travel or near other player-built structures like a Keepstar.
  • Jump bridges you have access to will appear in your overview or can be found via the in-space right click menu
    • Newbies: right-click in space, choose the Structures submenu, then the Upwell Jump Gate submenu and finally Warp to or Jump as required.
    • If you cannot see a friendly jump bridge on your overview, consult the overview page.
    • Hostile jump bridges you do not have access to will only show on the overview if you are on the same grid, but can still be found and warped to through the Sensor Overlay.
  • You must be within 2500m to use the bridge.
  • You can jump through in the same manner as a stargate. If your ship is not in range when you press jump, it will warp or approach as necessary before jumping.
    • If the Jump Bridge has enough fuel for your ship to jump through, your ship will jump through to the next system; if there's not enough fuel for your ship you'll see a notification and you won't jump.
    • Most jump bridges will have a charge set on the ozone consumption. This can be 1 ISK/ozone or significantly more. You may wish to enable autopay in the Wallet to prevent a notification asking to confirm payment. 100 ISK/ozone is a reasonable setting which will still alert you to excessively high charges.
    • See Jump Bridge List - Liquid Ozone for details on Jump Bridge Fuel requirements, how much your ship needs, and how to refuel them.
    • Capitals should not use jump bridges without express orders from an FC. A capital's own jump drive (or a titan bridge for freighters) is much safer as it is possible to cyno directly into tether/docking range on a structure, and consumes a much smaller quantity of isotopes than the ozone that would be consumed by using a jump bridge.

Jump Bridge Maps

How do I use the table from Jump Bridge List

How do I use the data?

How do I keep my data up to date?

Check the Jump Bridge List page regularly and update the information in the GTS tool. It is recommended that you clear the data in the tool before re-adding the data in the table.

What if I find an error in the data?

Then edit the page already? What are you still doing here?!

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