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Damage in Eve are dealt in five different types:

  • EM
  • Thermal
  • Kinetic
  • Explosive
  • Omni (NPC Only)

Some weapon systems can deal all of these, some can only deal 1 kind of damage. And some can deal mixes (More on that here: Ammo Types).

  • Missiles - A missile for every damage type, pure
  • Lasers - EM / Thermal
  • Hybrids - Kinetic / Thermal
  • Projectiles - Ammo for every damage type, mixed

Base Resistance

Every ship in Eve has a Shield, Armor and Structure defense built in. Each of these three will have a natural resistance against the four base damage types.

T1 & Faction

All T1 & Faction ships regardless of race or faction have the same base resistance on ships

Defense EM Thermal Kinetic Explosive
Shield 0% 20% 40% 50%
Armor 50% 35% 35% 10%


T2 resistances vary between the four main Empire factions

Amarr favors Kinetic and Explosive resistance Caldari favor Thermal and Kinetic resistance Gallente favor Thermal and Kinetic resistance Minmatar favor EM and Thermal resistance

Defense Race EM Thermal Kinetic Explosive
ShieldAmarr 0% 20% 70% 87.5%
Caldari 0% 80% 70% 50%
Gallente 0% 67.5% 85% 50%
Minmatar 75% 60% 40% 50%
Defense Race EM Thermal Kinetic Explosive
ArmorAmarr 50% 35% 62.5% 80%
Caldari 50% 86.25% 62.5% 10%
Gallente 50% 67.5% 83.75% 10%
Minmatar 90% 67.5% 25% 10%

Adding Resist Modules

You can add modules that increase either 1 type of resist (or all of them at once bit with less gain for each). And it would be handy to take no damage at all, by adding resist modules till you reach a full 100%. However, it doesn't quite work like that. Your resist % will keep creeping toward 100% but never quite reach it. The mechanic works in a way that a resist module will only diminish the remaining resist hole that is still left. The formula for adding resistance modules is:

New Resistance = (100-Current Resist) * Module Resist + Current Resist

Stacking Penalty

Certain modules have what is called a stacking penalty. Meaning if you put more then one of them they function not at optimum. Stacking penalties work on modules that work on the same attribute. Say you have 1 explosive hardener, and one that resists all 4 types, you will still get a stacking penalty on the Explosive resist. Its a bad idea, in general, to fit more then 3 modules that have a stacking penalty. The 4th will only add you 28% of the slots potential. At that point a different module that works at full potential is far preferred.

More details here: Stacking Penalty and the site with the formula explained.

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