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Loyalty Points


Loyalty points are part of the rewards for Missions (for the corporation your agent belongs to) and Incursions (in the case of CONCORD). You can also earn loyalty points for each of the four factions doing Factional Warfare. Loyalty points are gained for a specific corporation and will only be useful in stations owned by that particular corporation.

To see how many loyalty points you have, go to the Journal (either from your shortcut Alt + J or the Neocom) then go to the Agents and Loyalty Points tab to see how many loyalty points you have. The information is presented per corporation and can be sorted by name or amount.

Improving Loyalty Point Gains

There are skills that increases the loyalty point gain from missions, such as Skill.png Distribution Connections (distribution missions), Skill.png Mining Connections (mining missions) and Skill.png Security Connections (security missions). Each level of the skill gives a +10% increase in loyalty point gained per mission, up to a total of +50% at skill level V. While there are no skill to improve the loyalty point gains from Incursions and factional warfare, you gain a considerably larger portion of LP/hour doing the larger headquarter sites and the faction tier heavily influences the reward for factional warfare activities.

Spending Loyalty Points

There are a few options available when it comes to spending your loyalty points. The most common use of loyalty points is to simply use them in the loyalty point store to get the ships, modules or items you want. Either for personal use or to simply sell the item on the market for ISK.

Before you spend your loyalty points you should always do a little bit of research. Even if a loyalty point store has an item you want, it might be more profitable for you to use your loyalty points on something that has a great ISK per loyalty point reward and use that ISK to simply buy the item you really want directly from the market instead. As weird as that sounds, it can often be very lucrative due to the way some items are in much higher demand than others, plus the effect of factional warfare on some items available in their faction stores (which usually means they can get the item cheaper than you can, thus pushing the prices down on the market).

The value of loyalty points

While supply and demand dictates current prices, you should be able to get at least 1,000 ISK / loyalty point and if you do your research and pick high value items you can stand to make much more. So when you do a mission and get an additional 2,000 LP on top of ISK for completing it, that roughly translates into an additional 2,000,000 ISK.

CONCORD loyalty points

Apart from spending it in the loyalty point store of CONCORD stations you can also convert it to loyalty points of another corporation. Most corporations have a 1:0.8 ratio (20% loss) but there are a few notable exceptions, for example the Sisters of EVE exchange rate is 1:0.4 (60% loss). You cannot exchange CONCORD loyalty points for loyalty points in any of the corporations involved with Factional Warfare or any of the pirate factions.

If you're looking to trade in items available from the CONCORD loyalty point store there's a Concord LP channel and mailing list ingame where sellers and buyers meet, see The “Concord LP” Public Trading Channel and Mailing List for more details.

Converting to concord:

Exchanging LP:

Loyalty Point Store

The range of things available in loyalty point stores vary, both on a faction/racial basis as well as on a corporation to corporation basis. You can usually guess what limits there might be from how offensive, militaristic a corporation is. A navy corporation like Ammatar Fleet will have more items, especially blueprints and combat related items available compared to other corporations, like say Ammatar Consulate.

Item Costs

Items in the store can have other costs associated with them, like ISK and items on top of the actual loyalty point cost. An implant, for example, usually costs both ISK and loyalty points while faction ammunition requires you to bring a batch of tech one charges to exchange them into faction ammunition, with the added cost of both ISK and loyalty points.

Item Availability

While there are a lot of items that are available in a wide variety of loyalty point stores spanning across various factions, there are certain items that exists only in the loyalty point store of certain factions. Below is a list of common items available only in certain loyalty point stores.

FactionSpecial Items Not Available In Other Loyalty Point Stores
Amarr EmpireImperial Navy ships & items, Imperial Navy Command Mindlink (armour/information)
Only through factional warfare loyalty points - Grail set (radar sensor strength).
Caldari StateCaldari Navy ships & items, Caldari Navy Command Mindlink (shield/information)
Only through factional warfare loyalty points - Talon set (gravimetric sensor strength).
Gallente FederationFederation Navy ships & items, Federation Navy Command Mindlink (armour/skirmish)
Only through factional warfare loyalty points - Spur set (magnetometric sensor strength).
Minmatar RepublicRepublic Fleet ships & items, Republic Fleet Command Mindlink (shield/skirmish)
Only through factional warfare loyalty points - Jackal set (ladar sensor strength).
CONCORDMeta level Capital module blueprints, 2/4/6% Hardwiring implants, Command Mindlink (T2).
Sisters of EVEAstero, Stratios and Nestor (or blueprint copies), Sisters probes & modules, Virtue set (probe strength).
O.R.E.ORE modules, ORE Mining Director Mindlink (mining/shield), Harvest set (mining laser range).
Angel CartelDramiel, Cynabal and Machariel (or blueprint copies), Arch Angel ammo, Halo set (signature).
Blood RaidersCruor, Ashimmu and Bhaalgorn (or blueprint copies), Blood crystals, Talisman set (capacitor emission modules)
Guristas PiratesWorm, Gila and Rattlesnake (or blueprint copies), Guristas ammo, Crystal set (local shield boosts).
Mordu's LegionGarmur, Orthrus and Barghest (or blueprint copies), Centurion set (range for electronic warfare modules).
Sansha's NationSuccubus, Phantasm and Nightmare (or blueprint copies), Sanshas crystals, Slave set (armour).
SerpentisDaredevil, Vigilant and Vindicator (or blueprint copies), Shadow ammo, Snake set (velocity).


Weapon Specialization Skillbooks

In the Gunnery and Missile Operation categories are a set of skills with the word “Specialization” in them. These skills are prerequisites to mount Tech 2 modules of the type of weapon that they cover, and the skills increase the damage done by those modules. In the Drones category are also a set of skills with the word “Specialization” in them; these skills are needed to use Tech 2 drones of the given race. These skillbooks are first-hand obtainable from two general sources: NPCs on the open Market (for an ISK cost) and the Loyalty Point stores of particular corporations (for a Loyalty Point cost, but not ISK). Which corporations have which skillbooks on sale are listed below. It is worth noting that all of the corporations listed below also have the Military Connections and Political Connections skillbooks for sale (and therefore none of them have any of the other LP-increasing skillbooks for sale).

The specialization skills in question are all the Small, Medium and Large <racial turret> Specialization as well as the <Type of missile> Specialization and <racial> Drone Specialization skills. The following corporations sell the racial skillbooks in question:

Amarr specialization Caldari specialization Gallente specialization Minmatar specialization
24th Imperial Crusade
Amarr Navy
Ammatar Fleet
Blood Raiders
Imperial Academy
Ministry of Internal Order
Ministry of War
Royal Khanid Navy
Sarum Family
True Power
Caldari Navy
Corporate Police Force
Home Guard
Internal Security
Ishukone Watch
Lai Dai rotection Service
Mordus Legion
Peace and Order Unit
Spacelane Patrol
State Protectorate
State War Academy
Wiyrkomi Police Corps
Federal Intelligence Office
Federal Navy Academy
Federation Customs
Federation Defence Union
Federation Navy
Intaki Space olice
Intaki Syndicate
Serpentis Corporation
Brutor Tribe
Guardian Angels
Republic Fleet
Republic Justice Department
Republic Military School
Republic Security Services
Thukker Mix
Tribal Liberation Force
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