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In Retribution the entire aggression timer and criminal flagging system was scrapped and replaced with what the devs called “Crimewatch 2.0”. Along with those came an overhaul on the bounty system and a new kill rights mechanic.

Flagging & Consequences

Here are two pretty pictures from CCP which can do a much better and succinct job of explaining the new mechanics than I could:

New Bounty System

The new bounty system allows for bounties to be placed on pilots, corporations, or alliances. The minimums for placing a bounty on each category are:

  • Pilots: 100,000 ISK
  • Corporations: 20,000,000 ISK
  • Alliances: 100,000,000 ISK

There is also a new leader board for the top bounties in each category with a bonus to bounty payouts based on their rank as well, but CCP hasn't really said much beyond that. Bounty payout on a victim is based on a ship's “Total Loss” value minus some modifier based on insurance and is currently hovering somewhere around 20% of Total Loss (ship and modules). This payout is subtracted from their bounty pool and shared between everyone who is in the fleet of the person landing the killing blow.

Honestly, this is mostly used to grief people who actually give a shit. Pubbies of all kinds seem to think that it matters (hint: it almost never does).

Wars & War Declarations (Wardecs)

War Declarations are what highsec pubbies think constitutes actual warfare in EVE. Mostly it involves one side being the aggressor and spending some ISK and the other side docking up for as long as the “aggressor” has time, ISK, or patience.

The aggressor has to renew the wardec weekly if they wish to. The defender can decide if they wish to make the wardec mutual. If not, they can issue ally contracts to interested parties for a fixed length of two weeks (the cost of this increased based on how many allies you currently have).

Finally, the aggressor has the opportunity to retract their war if the defender has set the war to mutual.

Crap You Actually Care About

If you leave your corporation while it is engaged in a non-mutual war, then you will not be able to rejoin the corporation until that war ends, or until 7 days pass, whichever comes first. This rule only applies for non-mutual wars. Mutual wars do not prohibit players from entering or leaving corporations. The main reason for this change is to combat the popular alt corp hopping (this doesn’t stop it completely, but limits it a lot).

Any corporations that leave a wardec'd alliance will also have a new war created with the (now former) alliance they were just in. This does not cost the aggressor anything extra.

Limited Engagements

A limited engagement is between a pair of characters. (Always characters, not corps, alliances, factions or anything else). A LE gives each party a legal right to attack the other, without triggering any Legal flag. a LE is ACTIVE as long as offensive actions are on-going. Once offensive acts have stopped, it will begin to count down. Resuming hostilities will reset the timer. If the timer expires then the LE is ended. A LE is created when character A attacks character B, and where B is globally-attackable due to being a Suspect, Criminal or Outlaw. This then allows B to defend himself against A. Like Criminal and Suspect flags, a LE is only effective in highsec space. Assisting someone who is engaged in a LE will cause the assistor to receive a Suspect flag. This is to prevent neutral logistics interfering in ongoing combat without risk to themselves.

A LE is also created when a duel between two characters is proposed and accepted.

Kill Rights

Kill rights are now created when a player is Criminal flagged for attacking in highsec or podding in lowsec. The target of these hostile actions gets a kill right on the offending pilot.

To use a kill right (your own or one that another player has made available to you), you select the target’s ship in space. In the select window you can activate the kill right (for kill rights available to you from other players this might cost you ISK to activate). This makes the target a suspect for 15 minutes. If you have more than one kill right available on the target (for instance if two characters have made it available to you), the one costing less is always chosen as default.

As you can see here, you could activate the kill rights on this pilot for 15m for 1,000,000 ISK. This is available at any time, though you'd be kind of stupid to do this if they were still in the station…

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