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Cloaking Devices are High Slot Modules that can be activated (at no capacitor cost) to make your ship invisible to all forms of detection, including visual observation, D-Scan, and Scanning.


  • While cloaked, you suffer severe limitations:
    • You cannot activate or reload any modules
    • You cannot target anything
    • You cannot use drones
    • You cannot open cans or wrecks
    • You cannot use Jump Gates or Jump Portal Arrays
    • You cannot warp (with the exception of the Covert Ops Cloaking Device)

In addition to this, just fitting a Cloaking Device to your ship will give it a Scan Resolution Penalty, similar to the Capacitor Capacity penalty of Microwarpdrives. You will also be unable to target anything for a short period (9-30 seconds depending on the module and your skills) after you come out of cloak (again, with the exception of the Covert Ops Cloaking Device), this is “sensor recalibration” time. However, you can begin to target things before this timer wears off, but will only successfully target them if you acquire the target after the timer wears off.

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