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Attributes show the strength of a pilot's “brain” power. This allows them to train skills at a faster pace. Your current attributes can be seen in the character sheet under the Attributes section. You can increase your attributes by using Implants.

Skill Attributes

Each skill has both a primary and secondary attribute. To view these attributes look under the Show Info for the skill and attributes tab. It will tell you both the primary and secondary skills.

The formula for the speed of skill training (points per minute) is:(primary attribute + secondary attribute/2)

Attributes don't contribute to how well the skill will be used. They only determine how fast you can train the skill(s) with your current set. There are 5 attributes that affect your learning speed. Intelligence, Memory, Charisma, Willpower, Perception. Some of these attribute are more useful for a specific career then others.

Attributes in EVE

  • Intelligence is primarily used for training in the categories of Electronics, Engineering, Navigation, Mechanic and Science. It is the secondary attribute for a lot of Social and Industry skills also.
  • Memory is primarily used for the categories of Industry, Corporation Management and Drones. It is also secondary for many skills in Engineering, Mechanic, Electronics and Trade.
  • Charisma is primarily used for Leadership, Social and Trade skills. It is secondary for skills in Corporation Management.
  • Willpower is primarily used for Leadership and Trade. It is secondary for skills in Gunnery, Missile Launcher Operation and Spaceship Command.
  • Perception is primarily used for Gunnery, Missile Launcher Operation and Spaceship Command skills. It is secondary for Drones and Navigation.

Attributes and Skill Groups

Group Attributes
Corporation Management Memory, Charisma
Drones Memory, Perception
Electronics Intelligence, Memory
Engineering Intelligence, Memory
Gunnery Perception, Willpower
Industry Memory, Intelligence
Leadership Charisma, Willpower
Mechanic Intelligence, Memory
Missiles Perception, Willpower
Navigation Intelligence, Perception
Planet Management Intelligence, Memory/Charisma, Intelligence
Science Mostly Intelligence, Memory
Social Charisma, Intelligence
Spaceship Command Perception, Willpower/Willpower, Perception
Trade Willpower, Charisma/Charisma, Memory

There are only three science skills are not Intelligence/Memory. Doomsday Operation is Willpower and Intelligence, Infomorph Psychology is Charisma and Willpower, and Research Project Management is Memory and Charisma.

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