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Redmine is the issue tracker for TEST developers. This is where all feature requests, bug reports, and other issues relating to TEST services are posted and assigned.

Please note that any vandalism or spam on this service will be severely dealt with.



  • Project creator and lead maintainer.
  • Assigns developers to issues.
  • Accepts/Declines Feature requests.


  • Picked by project manager.
  • Has project repo commit access.
  • Can close tickets and feature requests.


  • Picked by project manager.
  • Main duty is to collect issues from end users and make tickets.
  • No commit access, but has project wiki access.


  • Default registered user role.
  • Prospective developers.
  • Main job is to complete bug reports and feature tickets.
  • Can assign themselves to tickets.
  • No commit access but can post patches.


Create Feature Request

Creating a feature request or bug report does not require any special logins or authentication.
In this howto, we are going to be creating a feature request for the mumble API.
First thing, we need to get to the project page. Fire up a browser and point it to

Click Projects. You should now see the following screen:

Click Dreddit Services. You're now sitting at the project home screen, choose what kind of issue you'd like to create, for this howto we're going to request a feature.

Click “New Issue”. The last thing you have to do is fill in these inputs:

Note: If you are positive on the category, feel free to fill it in, it will help the devs sort through everything, but the category still has to be manually approved by a dev admin

Once you're done there, you're fine to go on your merry way, thanks for getting involved!

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