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How to set up Pidgin to connect to our Jabber server. See the main Jabber page for more details.

  1. Download Pidgin (A common Jabber Client), install, and open.
  2. Either from the Welcome screen or the Account menu select Add a new account.
  3. Select the Protocol as XMPP.
  4. Fill in the Username with the first part of your Jabber ID (e.g. if, use account). NB if you are in DAWWW specify
  5. Domain is
  6. Resource as Jabber, or whatever name you want to use (fill this in and it'll save you some pain if you're disconnected).
  7. Fill in your password in the Password field, and tick on “Remember Password”.

Click Add, and Pidgin will attempt to auto connect. It will prompt you about an “untrusted certificate”, accept the certificate and you should be connected.

NOTE: When you try to fetch the room list or add a room, make sure Server is set to

Protip: Enable the 'Join/Part Hiding' plugin.

Also, if you use PeerBlock it may block connections to the Jabber service - check this before assuming it's broken!

Can't connect

Set the connect server to For Pidgin that's account settings → advanced tab → connect server. If you still can't connect please contact your ISP.

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