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Adium is an OS X Jabber client. Please reference the Jabber page for more details.

Install & Setup Adium

  1. Download and install Adium
  2. Open Adium through the Applications folder or Spotlight
  3. In the Adium Setup Assistant, select XMPP (Jabber) in the Service dropdown
  4. Input <your auth username> in the Jabber ID box
  5. Password: Jabber password you set up earlier

Connect to Channels

  1. Open the Adium Preferences and select the General tab
  2. Make sure Reopen chats from last time on startup is selected
  3. Close preferences
  4. Select file and choose Join Group Chat
  5. Enter the chat room name you want to join, such as General
  6. For the Server, enter
  7. Click join

Adium should now be configured to automatically join all the chats you had open from the last time you ran the client.

How to disable Join/Part messages in Psi

  1. Open the PSI Preferences
  2. Go to “Advanced”, at the bottom.
  3. Expand “muc”.
  4. Switch “show-joins” to “false”.

Also, since having 10 chat windows open is so 1998. The “Chat” section has a “Use tabbed mode” option..

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