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Description Primary real-time communications for TEST
Creator/Maintainer(s) Aevum Decessus
TEST Sysadmins
Other IT Services Link

What is Jabber?

Jabber (or XMPP) is an open-source instant-messaging platform built on wads and wads of XML. Jabber allows for instant messaging, file transfer, multiuser chatrooms (like IRC).

As part of the fast moving nature in EVE, things can happen in minutes, Jabber allows us to do easy out-of-game fleet broadcasts and is key in informing our membership when something important is going down, even if they are out of game. In addition it is our primary out of game chat room and is one of the easiest ways to get a hold of people outside of EVE. Most significantly, when you send someone a personal message or type their name in a chat channel, it pings them with a sound. This is useful for getting the attention of older players who spend a lot of time at their computers not playing EVE. We also have the DeeDeeReddit channel set up on jabber where newbies can go and have all of your amazing questions answered.

As stated above, Jabber allows for more interesting applications than IRC, add in the instant messaging and global announcements and we've got a tool that will really help us. Being on Jabber is very important as it is a convenient way to stay in the loop with what is going on in game even while not playing. Many players use jabber as a supplement to, thus decreasing their productivity to an even higher degree.

Setting Up Jabber

Add the Jabber Service

To get a Jabber account:

  1. Log in to your Auth account.
  2. Chose Add Service.
  3. Select XMPP (Jabber) from the list.
  4. Enter the password you want to use to log in.
  5. Click Create Account.

Once done you will see your full Jabber ID (JID) in the Service Accounts list. Now you can use it to setup your client.

Jabber is greyed out

Auth probably hasn't read your API key yet, or assigned the correct permissions. To fix this you may need to refresh your API Key.

Setting up your Jabber Client

Depending on which jabber client you are using you will have a different setup process but the general information you need to enter is as follows:

For Test members:

Username <your auth username> without
Password Jabber password you set up earlier

For other allies:

Username <your auth username> without
Password Jabber password you set up earlier

You may receive a warning about an invalid or self-signed certificate when connecting to the Jabber server . It is usually OK to accept this and set your client to remember your choice, but just to be certain, the proper fingerprint is the following:

Common Name *
Fingerprint (SHA1) 2D:A5:9C:59:73:0F:47:93:E8:9E:30:93:3F:90:36:E0:9C:2E:8E:3C
Activation Date Sat Oct 25 16:59:47 2014
Expiration Date Mon Dec 26 15:05:15 2016

Jabber Clients

Numerous Jabber clients are available for lots of platforms.

Pidgin and Adium are the most popular jabber platform used in TEST but you are free to pick whichever one works best for you.

Client specific Setup Instructions

  • Pidgin (Windows Mac Linux)
  • Adium (Mac only)
  • Psi (Windows Mac Linux)
  • jwchat (Browser based)
  • Jabiru (Mobile - Android)

Using Jabber

Joining the Alliance Channels

Jabber supports multi-user chat rooms which are called 'conferences', Test uses these chatrooms to communicate more than they use in-game chat channels, so setting them up is important. Use as conference server.

Conference Description
general TEST Alliance General discussion
it-office Direct line to the IT Team incase of problems with TEST services
deedeereddit Newbie help channel, Also Test_free channel
dredditgeneral Dreddit corporate discussion channel
hr-office Dreddit HR channel
diplo-office TEST Diplomats channel
wiki Wiki Team channel, ask wiki questions here
Joining a Channel in Pidgin

Right click & Fullscreen if hard to see

Newbies: The first channel you should join is Deedeereddit. If you manage to get into the Deedeereddit chat, that's a great place to get any information you need about setting up any other part of jabber or other Test services. This channel functions the same as the in-game channel of the same name, and the same rules apply to both.

If you are not in Dreddit, your corporation will probably have its own chat channel on jabber too.

Want to find someone specific to talk to? Don't see them in general chat? Maybe you should just add them to your roster and send them a direct message.

How do I get broadcasts?

While you are connected to TEST Jabber you will receive broadcasts relevant to you.

The standard TESTie will get broadcasts for fleets and random things. You will probably get broadcasts in Pidgin in two separate tabs in the conversation window, to combine them into one tab see. Grouping Broadcasts on Pidgin

If you are interested in getting broadcasts while on the go, install a jabber client on your phone and login to TEST jabber.

Emote Packs

Emote packs let you use things like :sun: on Jabber like you can here: :sun:

Pidgin installation:

  1. Extract to '%appdata%\.purple\smileys' or if that does not work 'C:\Users\<Your user name>\AppData\Roaming\.purple\smileys' or the equivalent for your operating system. AppData may be hidden, enable it under your folder options in Control Panel.
  2. Enable the pack by going to Tools → Preferences (NOT CUSTOM SMILEYS) → Themes → Smiley Theme and selecting the pack you have chosen.

Adium installation:

  1. Profit? Idk

Emote Reference A Berach Emote Pack reference is available from this website:

Gif Speed Fix

If Pidgin does not animate GIFs at the proper speed, you need to update the GTK that is installed within Pidgin.

Download this version of GTK, then extract the contents on top of the GTK installed in your Pidgin install directory (default location is %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Pidgin\gtk or %ProgramFiles%\Pidgin\gtk). You must extract over the current GTK because if you remove and replace GTK, you will be missing some key DLL files that are required for Pidgin to function.

Issues and Workarounds

Not authorized

Refresh your API Key in Auth. Also reset your jabber service on your Auth profile page.

Can't connect

Set the connect server to For Pidgin that's account settings → advanced tab → connect server. If you still can't connect please contact your ISP.

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