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Ratting Etiquette


The guidelines below pertain to ratting etiquette; most of this will be common sense. The tl/dr of this article is that during peacetime Diplos basically have to turn into kindergarten teachers, and maybe if I write this it might save me work down the line. If nothing else here is a big document people can point at when someone starts being niggardly.

I'm sure there's a way for you to all krab without killing each other. And never forget the #1 rule in TEST - “Don't be a dick,” said Dran Arcana, lead diplomat.

Game Mechanics for the Brachyura

There are a few game mechanics worth understanding, especially when it pertains to ratting. Understanding how they work will help you understand why the rules below are the way they are.

  • New Anoms spawn after downtime, or shortly after a previous Anom has been completed
    • This means your half-finished site or wrongly triggered site will stay up as a monument to your failure until downtime
    • It also means that depending on the truesec and the ratting upgrades in place, a system will never sustain more than X of a certain Anom type at a time.
  • For each class of Anom, eventually there becomes a point where warp time and not dps is the limiting factor in your tick rate
    • I.E If you have 5 carriers or 20 carriers, you're not going to do a haven any faster.
  • Mobile Tractor Unit
    • Mobile Tractor Units despawn after 48hrs of being placed
    • Mobile Tractor Units can be bookmarked, and probed with a combat scanner probe set
    • Mobile Tractor Units will loot EVERYTHING in range, including the wrecks of real ships
  • ESS
    • ESS pays out automatically every 3hrs (at time of writing)
    • There is no longer an option to share manually.

§1 Rules

The rules below are for your sake as much as it is ours. It is our feeling that this makes for the simplest set of rules to abide by, and the easiest to enforce for a clean, consistent, non-blue-murdering ratting experience.

  1. Stay in TEST space for ratting/mining/exploring unless stated otherwise by the diplomatic team.
    1. All TEST space is everyone's space. Setting up citadels or installing upgrades early into an ihub does not give a corp claim, rights, or privileges over a system.
    2. No supercap ratting outside of D-P titan bridge range (looking at you ipx)
      • If you get tackled in a carrier in IPX get your own help or die quietly.
    3. Within the D-P umbrella (see ESO + PS) the following ships will be given equal priority to run Havens and Sanctums over ship classes not listed below:
      1. Haven/Sanctum: Titan/Supercarrier/Carrier/Dread
        1. If a prioritized ship class lands on a site you are actively doing, you need to recall and cede the site (do not finish it)
        2. Do not begin another sanctum or haven in that system until you have observed the prioritized ships are no longer actively running.
        3. Multiboxing, or running semi-afk is not an excuse for missing a carrier landing on you. Set up your clients so you can see blues within a minute or two or afk in smaller sites.
      2. Outside the D-P umbrella, Sanctums and Havens can be run by anything capable of completing the anomaly.
      3. No specific rules apply to anomalies smaller than Havens, but please mind the guidelines at the bottom.
      4. D-PNP9 is explicitly excluded from the umbrella restrictions since you cannot jump to the system you are in, classify it like a system outside of jump range.
    4. Just because we have blues and renters doesn't mean they want us ratting in their space.
    5. Feel free to do escalations you get in allied space
    6. Do not rat/mine/scan in Renter Space
    7. See the Diplomatic Agreements Forum Sticky for all current agreements pertaining to PVE
  2. The first person to land ongrid in a site is the “owner” of a site
    1. Calling out a site in local or a fleet does not grant you claim to it
  3. If you leave a site (or are not actively running it) you forfeit all claim to it
    1. Yes we understand sometimes neutrals enter a system, and sometimes you take too much damage and have to warp off to repair. However, when this happens a new entrant to your site has no idea whether or not you are coming back, and should not leave a half-finished site just because it's half finished and somebody MIGHT come back. Get gud scrubs, if you want to lay claim to something you'd better stay on-grid with it.
    2. Yes this includes faction spawns and Dreadnoughts; turns out when you trigger a faction spawn you are the only one who knows it's there and you should have plenty of time to get yourself a gang or a different ship to come back and finish off the spawn before anyone else notices.
    3. That being said, don't be a shitlord. If some newbro in his VNI starts asking in local or a standing fleet for help killing a faction spawn, it doesn't become yours because he's not sitting on grid eating shit from it. Be reasonable and help each other out.
    4. Leaving an interceptor or other ship not actively running a site does not hold a claim to it; to be considered running the site you need to be actively engaging with the rats.
  4. You are NEVER allowed to shoot a blue or his (drones/fighters/mtu/etc) unless he shoots first
    1. I don't care if some shitlord flies into your site, drops an MTU, steals a faction spawn's loot, and then flies off telling you in local that this is why your mother is in a wheelchair… go get a diplomat; If you shoot that guy you'll have more hell to pay than he does.
  5. If you come across an MTU sitting in a site that is unfinished or hasn't been started ask in local, attempt to PM the owner, and take a screenshot before shooting
    1. If he does not claim it in a reasonable amount of time (few minutes) you may kill and loot it; he technically forfeited claim to it when he warped off. This does not apply to MTUs in deadspace and not in an active Anom.
    2. I repeat, you do NOT have the right to probe down and destroy MTUs from finished sites, many people drop them by the dozen while doing the sites themselves and bookmark them to come back and loot later.
  6. You may NOT bubblefuck a pipe system
    1. Unattended bubbles anywhere may be removed at any time by anyone.
    2. Unattended bubbles anywhere that get someone killed may make you responsible for their reimbursement.
    3. Attempt to PM the bubble owner in case it is being cloaky camped before shooting.
  7. In the event that PVP happens in your ratting site, you are not entitled to loot accidentally hoovered up by an MTU
    1. Distribute the PVP drops among the people who came to try and save you.
  8. Encounter Surveillance Systems(ESS) must be monitored at all times.
    1. If you want to ensure a payout, protect the ESS until the automatic payout happens
    2. Do not steal from blues
  9. When saving logs for potential future discussions, only use:

§2 Guidelines (STRONGLY encouraged in the name of efficiency, simplicity, and drama-prevention)

  1. Do sites that make sense for what you're in
    1. Yes an X-type LSB Ishtar can do a sanctum; it doesn't mean you should. You'll get ticks almost as high blitzing hubs and you can leave the bigger sites to ships like carriers that can do them much more efficiently. Don't be a dick, and don't make us make more of these guidelines into enforced rules.
      1. Hub: Domi/T3C/Rattle
      2. Rally Point: Gila/Myrm/Smartbomb
      3. Haven: Titan/Supercarrier/Carrier/Smartbomb
      4. Sanctum: Supercarrier/Carrier/Dread
  2. If you start a site, finish it
    1. Half-finished sites are annoying because you end up spending more time warping and it lowers your tick size
    2. If you fuck up a trigger and make the site impossible to do with what you are flying, ask for help clearing it out don't just leave it for some poor bastard to die to.
  3. If you land on a site more or less the same time as someone in a bigger ship, cede it to them
    1. Remember, you align and warp faster than he does.
  4. If you're ratting, be on Mumble
    1. This is as close to mandatory as a guideline gets. If you have to spend time getting on Mumble after you get tackled you're probably just going to feed. If you feed repeatedly to your own incompetence diplos may have words with you or your corp.
  5. Join a standing fleet if you're ratting in a common system
    1. It's certainly not mandatory, but it's a lot easier to call for help if you're already in a fleet and not panicking to make one as you're trying not to die.
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