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Welcome to the Mentors Office

Please join the Dreddit discord, !auth in the landing channel. Discord is the corporation main hangout hub, be there, or be square. Most mentoring happens here as most of what we do is just being someone's first friend in the alliance. Most players just need some direction and someone to say 'hey, come check out this cool thing'.

Dreddit Discord

If you want to become a mentor, or if you would like a mentor, please contact 'Estria Del' in the Dreddit discord. I really really do need more active guys, there isn't a hard requirement, a lot of my dudes cycle in and out of activity, sometimes having 3 different newbros tagging along behind him, then a couple weeks later he's just chilling in deedeereddit answering general questions and being a total Chad.

If you need direction in ANYTHING from finding your way to TEST staging, to Super ratting or elite pvp, just come find me. I don't care if you've been playing the game for 10 years, we all have our little bubbles we don't adventure out of enough, come find someone to adventure with you- we are your corp, after all.

Nerd In Charge
Estria Del
Estria Del

Useful links for beginning/returning players: Dreddit FAQ Training Guides

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