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Alt Invitations

To get your alt in to Dreddit:

  1. Add your alt's API key to your Auth account. That's straight in your Auth front page (once logged in) in the “Eve API Keys” section.
  2. In the HR Section of your Auth page, submit an application for your alt to Dreddit. To do this, click on the “HR” link on top, then click on “Create a application”. (No recommendation is needed: HR guys will see via your Auth API keys that you already have a pilot in the corp and accept it as an alt application.)
  3. Apply for an invitation to Dreddit in game after you have been accepted in Auth.
  4. Wait for an invitation to be extended to you.
  5. Accept the invitation.
  6. Done!

It can take up to three days for your application to be processed, so please be patient.

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