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About TEST & Dreddit

Who Is Test Alliance and Dreddit?

Test Alliance Please Ignore is an Eve Online alliance of like minded corporations brought together with the idea of having fun and blowing shit up.
Dreddit is the founding corporation of Test Alliance. It was born from the social news aggregation site Reddit.
To find out more check Dreddit's corporate history and their Corporate information.

How do I get in contact?

Use one of the methods outlined on the Contacting Us page

How To Join?

If your corporation is interested in joining Test Alliance, please contact a diplomat. If you are interested in joining Dreddit, check out Joining Dreddit for further information.

Are there options other than Dreddit?

Sure are.

I'm in, what next?

If you are a new corporation in the TEST Alliance, then read the New Corporation Guide.
If you are new to Dreddit (or a noobie in general), then read the New Member Guide, and the introduction to the wiki. Willing to help out editing the wiki? Please read the How to Contribute guide.
The TEST wiki currently has: 1,435 articles!
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