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General Information

Dreddit is an EVE Online corporation mostly made up of members and their friends/family. To keep in the theme of Reddit we've got a very laid back community with no real hard and fast rules on how often you play and how you like to play.

Dreddit is the founder of "Test Alliance, Please Ignore", FORMERLY LOL one of the largest alliances in EVE Online.

Dust characters will be automatically rejected, Subdreddit is the place for you.

Returning Veterans

You will have to create a new application on Auth and submit an in-game application. If in doubt refer to the steps outlined below.
Protip: Adding a note about being a vet to your auth app helps HR and saves many many kittens.

Please note: As a returning member, you do not have to create a new Auth account!

Applying to Dreddit

There are two different methods for joining Dreddit:

  • Apply on your own.
  • Apply with a recommendation from a member of Dreddit.

You can also use us to get a free 21 day trial if you would like, check the Subreddit sidebar for a link to the thread to ask for one.

Do not apply unless you are ready to be accepted in game, all pleas to wait for you to "get ready" will be ignored.

Applying on your own

Ensure your reddit account matches the following criteria before applying:

  • Your reddit account must be at least 3 months old.
  • You need to be an active contributor of the Reddit community. We will check your comment history to determine this. See Notes about Activity below for more information.

If you match the requirements above, then follow the instructions below for applying on your own. If you know a current member of Dreddit you could try applying with a recommendation.

Follow the directions for the Auth System, and do the following in Auth:

  1. Create your account and verify your email address.
  2. Add your API key - make sure it's a customizable API key, old style API keys will no longer work. A key with the correct permissions can be created here. Having problems? Make sure your API key is set correctly!
  3. Add your reddit account.
  4. Make sure you are logged in to your reddit account, otherwise log into your reddit account.
  5. To validate your reddit account within the Auth System click the validate link from the main page, and send the private message that auth redirects you to.
  6. Click on the "HR" tab in Auth and select "Create an application"
  7. Select the Character you wish to apply with and the corp you want to apply to (probably Dreddit) and click "Apply". Having problems? Make sure your API key is set correctly!
  8. Click "Submit Application" and it should take you back to a list of your current applications.
  9. Drop roles.
  10. Wait for an acceptance letter in Auth.
  11. Apply for an invitation to Dreddit in game after you have been accepted in Auth.
  12. Wait for an invitation to be extended to you.
  13. Accept the invitation.

Applying with a recommendation

If you are not yet a reddit member, or your reddit account does not meet the requirements, your application must come with a recommendation from a current member of Dreddit who does fulfill them.

Recommendations are linked permanently. If a recommended member is kicked for any reason, the person who recommended them will inherit the blame and may face similar punishment. Non-redditors recommended by a member that is kicked may also be kicked. The Dredditor recommending you needs to have been in Dreddit for 45 days before their recommendation is valid!

To apply with a recommendation:

  1. Create a reddit account if you don't have one
  2. Follow the steps 1 through 7 from "Applying on your own", but leave the auth application as "NOT SUBMITTED", DO NOT SUBMIT IT. In other words, DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION NOW.
  3. Have your sponsor follow the instructions on the Recommendations page.
  4. Once your sponsor has done their part you may submit the application.
  5. Drop roles.
  6. Wait for an acceptance letter in Auth.
  7. Apply for an invitation to Dreddit in game after you have been accepted in Auth.
  8. Wait for an invitation to be extended to you.
  9. Accept the invitation.

Middle Management Dino Small Gray.PNG
Middle Management Dino says, "This here is some good information, you might want to pay attention!"
  • DO NOT apply in-game once you've submitted your application
  • Add all your EVE accounts to Auth
  • Check your application on Auth from time to time!

Applying With Alts

Alt characters are accepted and welcome, just follow the instructions here. Do not apply with your alts before your main character is accepted. If you do so, your alt applications will be withdrawn and you will have to resubmit them if you are accepted.

Applying in game

  1. Dock at a station
  2. On your left menu, find the "People & Locations" button towards the top.
  3. On the window that pops up, select "Corporation", type in "Dreddit" and click Search.
  4. In the list that appears, right click on Dreddit and "Show Info".
  5. At the bottom of the popup window, select Apply to Join. You do not need to enter any text into the application text box, just click the Submit button.

Dropping Roles

If you've been a member of another corporation, it is possible that you have roles assigned to you allowing you to access the corporate hanger or do various other corp level actions. You need to drop these roles before you can be accepted into Dreddit. As part of this you are put into a 24 hour cooldown period before you can actually quit the corporation, so its advisable you do this as soon as possible. You don't need to actually leave the corporation, just drop roles

Please note that your application may be rejected in case you've failed to drop roles.

  1. In the "Corporation" chat channel, find yourself in the player list.
  2. Right click yourself and find the option "Prepare to quit corporation"


  1. On your left menu, find the "Corporation" button.
  2. Click on the "Home" tab, then switch to the "Details" tab.
  3. Click "Prepare to quit Corp" and confirm that you want to drop roles (this takes 24 hours).

Disabling CSPA

In order for HR to send you messages in-game regarding your application please set the CSPA charge to 0 ISK.

Notes about Activity

In no particular order:

  1. Dreddit HR drones look for active participation within the Reddit community. Being that Reddit is free and allows anyone to sign up, simply holding an account (even for years) wont automatically make you an active community member.
  2. We don't publicly publish our exact recruitment standards because we don't want members doing the bare minimum to join and it gives our HR drones some discretion when looking for activity. Low activity is hard to hide.
  3. Our standards are high enough to keep out the typical "Joined for Guild" -– j4g's (persons who only want to join us for our status in EVE) but low enough for any reasonably active member of Reddit to be easily accepted. Hint: Our standards are probably lower then you think. We accept many more applications then we reject. Don't let /r/evedreddit posts about rejections fool you.
  4. Activity can come from anywhere on Reddit.
  5. Few members outside of Dreddit HR know the exact requirements. However, the truth is out there, if you know where to look. Take activity advice from non-HR members at your own risk.
  6. Posts about activity on /r/evedreddit will be ignored (and probably downvoted into oblivion).

The best way to find out if you meet the activity requirements is to apply on auth! Remember, we also have Arts and Crafts!

What's Next

Once your application has been accepted, your in game application will also be accepted and you will be notified by email. Upon joining Dreddit, you are required to read the New Member Guide to get up to speed with what is happening in the alliance and any programs or campaigns we're running.

Within 24 hours of being accepted into Dreddit in game, you will be able to use Auth to register and access the other services that Dreddit offers:


How long does it usually take for my application to be processed?

Most applications are processed within 48-72 hours but at peak times it can take longer than that. Please wait at least a week before contacting HR or posting on r/evedreddit.

Why was I rejected?

Please read the message sent to you via reddit/displayed in your application on Auth carefully, it states the reason for your rejection.

I've been accepted but services don't work, help?!

Services will only work if the EVE API shows your character as a member of Dreddit/TEST. Please wait at least 24h after being accepted in-game before contacting anyone about this. Some users have reported changing the capitalization of the username -- reddit's API can be weird.

Auth says my reddit account does not exist

This can be caused by the reddit API timing out, please wait an hour or two and try again.

I'm a lurker, help?

Take a look at Arts and crafts, an alternative recruitment program.

I can't select my character when creating an application

Please ensure that the API key you have added has all the required permissions enabled and is not a character restricted key.

I'm already in TEST, can I join Dreddit?

TEST members who wish to join Dreddit need to meet the standard entry requirements. Being a member of a TEST corporation (or other allied corporations) will not allow you to bypass these requirements.

I am having trouble adding a recommendation

Recommendations can only be added to unsubmitted application. Double check that the application is unsubmitted and NOT submitted. If you are still having problems, contact HR.


Jabber - HR Office

Should you already have access to TEST's jabber server you can contact Dreddit HR through the jabber channel: This is the best way to contact us if you are already a member of Dreddit.


Should you have any questions, the simplest way to get answers is to add a message to your application. There is also usually at least one member of Dreddit HR in the in-game channel "Dreddit_Pub", or someone who's able to get in touch with HR for you. If you feel the need to you can try contacting the HR Drone that has processed your application, their character name should be somewhat similar to the auth username you see on the messages and status changes in your application. In any case someone should be able to help you.

Please note that from time to time we're just trying to play the game. If your convo gets rejected, please don't take it personally. We're probably just busy doing things.


Any message sent to DredditHR on reddit will be relayed to Dreddit HR. Please note that abusing this will get you purged and blacklisted.
Send Dreddit HR a message.

If all else fails, please contact Slug Hard directly.

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