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Sovereignty and Citadels

Since this tends to be the topic of debate once every 6 weeks or so, fuck it, its worth putting into words just so everyone can be on the same page for once.

Sov = Citadel Rights

That being said, it needs clarification.

If an alliance holds a system's TCU, they have all rights to anchoring citadels. They can most certainly allow other alliances to have citadels in said system, but they need to be consulted prior to a citadel from an outside alliance being anchored. This will be done on your behalf by alliance diplomats; do not contact them yourself.

example: X holds the system. Y would like to put a staging citadel there for whatever reason. Y's alliance diplomat needs to talk to X prior to Y anchoring their tower.

Moon Rules

Moon mining falls to the Moon Auction.

Moon Disputes

The appropriate course of action to take if a you need a moon for a legitimate purpose (ie, not just squatting on the moon because you don’t like to see another Corp sitting there) is to approach the Diplomatic Team. The diplomat will initiate a discussion with the Alliance or Corp in question and a solution will be found.

*This has the TEST Alliance Logistics seal of approval.

Citadel Rules


These rules apply to all citadels anchored within legacy space, or within 2 JF mids of legacy space. The rules for “ALL” also apply to any citadel types that have other specific rules; conflicts are superseded in their specific sections.


  • Must apply all ACLs as specified in the alliance MOTD linked ACL channel
  • Additional lists may be added of course, for example: corp gunners
  • Taxes for non-refining services may not be set too disparately as to “bully” non-corp/non-friends out of a system's existing infrastructure.
  • Taxes for refining must be set uniformly for all members of TEST, including you and your corp, and must be set to at least to the alliance tax minimum (1.5% as of writing)
  • All Markets must be set at least to alliance staging +1%
  • May not be freeported



  • Minimum tax for non-market/refine services: 0%
  • Maximum tax for non-market/refine services: 10%
  • Taxes for ALL services must be set the same for ALL TEST members, including you and your corp
  • decommissions must notify alliance logistics, and must allow for at least 2 months notice before decommissioning.
  • Aborted jobs due to incompetence or rogue malice will be reimbursed by the owning corp.
  • Sotiyos must be fueled at all times, and once a service module is onlined a notice of 60 days must be given before it is offlined.


All X-Larges will be managed by Alliance Logistics, if you would like to temporarily donate a keepstar to the alliance under the following stipulations, please PM me/vily/progod with the following:

  • Where it's going (system)
  • Where it's going (physically within system)
  • What it's purpose is
  • What services you want installed
  • Wait for approval BEFORE ACQUIRING THE CITADEL as X-large are basically outposts, and require planning


If you want to move your citadel, or take it down, it will be returned to you following its decommissioning Once requested to be detowered, a period of at least 1 week will be observed to allow alliance members to migrate assets. Services/fits must be approved by the alliance

Rights Granted:

  • Naming Rights (with standard alliance veto)
  • Gunning Rights for corp tcom members (which will be removed if abused)
  • Decommission rights (or alliance buyout)

After observing the above, Keepstars may be dropped/anchored by corporations, with said alliance (high command) approval, and will be turned over to Upvote shortly thereafter anchoring and fitting.

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