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Unholy Knights of Cthulhu

Requirements to Join

  1. Full API Key for all active and inactive accounts
  2. Be active in game, and on Jabber, Discord and Mumble
  3. Have a Working Microphone
  4. Be active within the corporation
  5. 5m skill points (exceptions can be made)
  6. Check your AUTH application messages regularly while applying

Applying to UKOC

There are two different methods for joining UKOC:

  1. Apply on your own.
  2. Apply with a recommendation from a member of UKOC.

You can also use Dreddit to get a free 21 day trial if you would like, check the Subreddit sidebar for a link to the thread to ask for one.

Do not apply unless you are ready to be accepted in game, all pleas to wait for you to "get ready" will be ignored.

Applying on your own

Follow the instructions below for applying on your own. If you know a current member of UKOC you could try applying with a recommendation.

Follow the directions for the Auth System, and do the following in Auth:

  1. Create your account and verify your email address.
  2. Login via SSO using the 'Login with EVE Online' under your auth profile. You'll login for each account and add each character from the account
  3. Click on the “HR” tab in Auth and select Create an application
  4. Select the Character you wish to apply with and the corp you want to apply to (probably 'Unholy Knights of Cthulhu') and click “Apply”.
  5. Click “Submit Application” and it should take you back to a list of your current applications.
  6. Drop roles.
  7. Wait for an acceptance letter in Auth.
  8. Apply for an invitation to Unholy Knights of Cthulhu in game after you have been accepted in Auth.
  9. Wait for an invitation to be extended to you.
  10. Accept the invitation.

DO NOT apply in-game once you've submitted your application; wait until you've been accepted via Auth
Add all your EVE accounts to Auth
Check your application on Auth from time to time!

Applying in game

-Dock at a station On your left menu, find the “People & Locations” button towards the top. On the window that pops up, select “Corporation”, type in “UKOC” and click Search. In the list that appears, right click on Unholy Knights of Cthulhu and “Show Info”. At the bottom of the popup window, select Apply to Join. You do not need to enter any text into the application text box, just click the Submit button.

What's Next

Once your application has been accepted, your in-game application will also be accepted and you will be notified by e-mail. Upon joining UKOC, you are required to read the New Member Guide to get up to speed with what is happening in the alliance and any programs or campaigns we're running.

Within 24 hours of being accepted into UKOC in game, you will be able to use Auth to register and access the other services that TEST offers:

Once you have joined the UKOC Discord server use !auth in the Discord server. You will be prompted to register and use !auth <THE KEY ASSIGNED TO YOU> again to get your roles assigned in the server. If you only see 2 or 3 channels and don't have a [UKOC] tag, you need to auth. All other services are registered through alliance Auth.


How long does it usually take for my application to be processed?

Most applications are processed within 48-72 hours but at peak times it can take longer than that. Please wait at least a week before contacting HR (especially with recent API/ESI changes).

Why was I rejected?

Please read the message displayed in your application on Auth carefully, it states the reason for your rejection.

I've been accepted but services don't work, help!

Services will only work if the EVE API shows your character as a member of UKOC/TEST. Please wait at least 24 hours after being accepted in-game before contacting anyone about this.

I can't select my character when creating an application

Please ensure that the API key you have added has all the required permissions enabled and is not a character restricted key.

I'm already in TEST, can I join UKOC?

TEST members who wish to join Unholy Knights of Cthulhu need to meet the UKOC recruitment standards. Being a member of a TEST corporation (or other allied corporations) will not allow you to bypass these requirements.

I am having trouble adding a recommendation

Recommendations can only be added to unsubmitted applications. Double check that the application is unsubmitted and NOT submitted. If you are still having problems, contact HR.



Should you have any questions, the simplest way to get answers is to add a message to your application. There is also usually at least one member of UKOC HR in the in-game channel “ukoc_public”, or someone who's able to get in touch with HR for you. If you feel the need to you can try contacting the HR Drone that has processed your application, their character name should be somewhat similar to the auth username you see on the messages and status changes in your application. In any case someone should be able to help you.

Please note that from time to time we're just trying to play the game. If your convo gets rejected, please don't take it personally. We're probably just busy doing things.

If all else fails, please contact bill strand (EU TZ) or Horus Klingensang (EU TZ). If you have not heard back from them please contact one of the following, in the following order, Rena Windor or Sansa Hawkins directly. Please allow time for them to see your message before asking the following member.

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