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Serious about Space Things

Have you asked yourself “Are you serious about internet spaceships?” We did, and we are! Yes, intentionally absurd, but it's still true. We're Serious About Space Things, so how about you? If you love explosions, overheating on everything, get that special shiver when you hear “Cyno Up!”, and don't have to take everything other than internet spaceships so seriously, drop by and have a chat. You too might be Serious About Space Things.

Recruitment is open for EU/AU TZ Invite only for US Join SAST. Pub to chit-chat with us!

What we offer to members:

  • Small-gang and larger fleets up to coalition-level sized ops.
  • Corp-level serious small-gang and cloaky orientation.
  • We provide access to a wide range of content options, as well as generate our own.
  • “Get Rich” (TM) Space Freshly Caught!
  • An environment conducive to the pursuit of gudfights
  • Active all timezone corp in a round-the-clock active Alliance.

What we ask of members:

  • Active involvement in Corp and Alliance Ops
  • Maintain a combat-focused skill plan, though indy skills aren't unwelcome.
  • Working mic and ability to be on comms
  • Enjoy yourself & blow up internet spaceships!!


  • Minimum sp - 20 million sp. This can be flexible, but most newbros won't meet enough of our doctrine skill requirements.
  • Full API (non expiring) for all active and inactive accounts.
  • TS3 interview
  • Self sufficiency

Corp Comms

To join our Discord Click here To join our TS3 server Click Here


Follow the instructions below for applying on your own. If you know a current member of SAST. you could try applying with a recommendation.

Follow the directions for the Auth System, and do the following in Auth:

  • Create your account and verify your email address.
  • Add your API key - make sure it's a new API key, old style API keys will no longer work.
  • A key with the correct permissions can be created here.
  • Click on the “HR” tab in Auth and select “ Create an application
  • Select the Character you wish to apply with and the corp you want to apply to (probably 'Serious about space things') and click “Apply”. Having problems? Make sure your API key is set correctly!
  • Click “Submit Application” and it should take you back to a list of your current applications.
  • Drop roles.
  • Wait for an acceptance letter in Auth.
  • Apply for an invitation to Serious about space things. in game after you have been accepted in Auth.
  • Wait for an invitation to be extended to you.
  • Accept the invitation.
  • DO NOT apply in-game once you've submitted your application
  • Add all your EVE accounts to Auth
  • Check your application on Auth from time to time!
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