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Rubella Solaris

Simple minded digital frat-club looking for opportunists with too much time on their hands to indulge their insecurities by victimizing other pilots with less time on their hands.


Notable Events:

  • 12.08.2012 RUBEL is founded by a crazy man.
  • 12.09.2012 Bolur joins after being recruited from Rens local while checking his skill queue.
  • 12.28.2012 RUBEL receives its first high sec war dec, we won.
  • January 2013 RUBEL allies with local low sec pirates, Inglorious Squirrels, to get our first real low sec pvp experience.
  • 01.31.2013 RUBEL joins the high sec indy alliance V0RTEX.
  • 02.04.2013 Sarge has the corp's first cap loss because our POS went skynet on him CCP gave it back later.
  • 02.23.2013 RUBEL is kicked from Shitty High Sec Alliance 8450136873467987598 because we don't stop doing low sec pvp and one of their directors has a hissy fit about it.
  • Feb/Mar 2013 RUBEL has a series of war decs paid for by said mad director, we fight them with varying degrees of success. One of the corps who war decs us is run by an alt of a Fweddit member who is impressed by how we fight. He offers for us to join J4LP. Initially we for a splinter corp to join them.
  • 03.29.2013 RUBEL fully joins J4LP and starts doing Amarr FW. </br> Fountain War When J4LP announces their decision to join CFC, based on information that the corp leaders were lied to about by the alliance exec, some of RUBEL goes to play in a WH for a few weeks and we get into talks with DHD about joining TEST. All of RUBEL's leadership had a fuck GOONS mentality or already had Test characters.
  • 06.25.2013 RUBEL joins Test Friends.
  • 08.23.2013: RUBEL Extended Invite to join TEST proper from DAWW By BoodaBooda due to exemplary service during the Fountain War.
  • 01.19.2014 At the Height of the “RUST INCIDENT” Many people, including Corsair Raynor leave RUBEL. The Slopening occurs, shortly afterwards Sgt Star Vyvorant begins winning at EVE.
  • 02.12.2014 Fletcher Kanewald Joins RUBEL Unslopening status: Possible
  • 02.27.2014 Draken Deninard Joins RUBEL. The unslopening of RUBEL after the “RUST Incident” happening status: Its.
  • 04.30.2014 RUBEL BEATS UKOC In a contest.
  • 05.06.2014 Draken Leads first Fleet. RUBEL has another active FC outside Fletcher.
  • 06.06.2014 Fletcher leaves RUBEL. Sad Day for all.
  • 06.15.2014 While deployed with Black Squad to the only named system in Syndicate, RUBEL watches as Sapporo Jones Hazes Ken Morton from his Alliance.
  • 06.17.2014 Corsair Raynor gets TEMP link to Mumble to apologize to RUBEL. Cultural Victory. Corsair is still set KOS. Ken Morton Wins at Eve. Nothing is lost.
  • 06.28.2014 Melvin Coulter Joins RUBEL. TEST gains a “special snowflake”
  • 09.09.2014 Sgt Star Vyvorant hands CEO over to Bolur Frier. Draken & Melvin request a station. Bolur responds with “[01:28:20] Bolur Freir > go take a system from provi and you can have a station”
  • 12.16.2014 Deputy Glitter Joins RUBEL on the premise of getting in on some dank frags. To date he has only been seen whoring his 30+ planet PI network.

Joining Rubella Solaris

We do not have any SP requirements but you must have a full account.

Join our public channel RSE Public. Talk to a recruiter. Apply here

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