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Fusion Enterprises Ltd

We are recruiting - join PUBLICFUSEN channel in-game

Fusion Enterprises Ltd (FUSEN) is a mixed industrial/pvp corp established in 2006, with a storied history and one of the newer corps to TEST. We have always valued the importance of being miners and ratters with teeth and gone from elite pvp in NC. to renting and back again in search of the perfect balance. Our playerbase welcomes all levels of knowledge, but most training is helping returning players back into the game instead of being a newbro corp.

Timezones: EU/US, looking to expand AUTZ

Indy/Ratting Stuff:

  • Moons, anomalies and mining space
  • All necessary industrial citadels (sotiyos etc.)
  • Corp mining ops (in peacetime)
  • Handout barges and ratting ships
  • Ratting space
  • Ore, minerals, salvage & PI buyback

PVP Stuff:

  • Large scale null warfare
  • New Action-Packed Deployment
  • Subcap, capital and supercapital fleets
  • SIGs for covert ops and reconnaissance
  • Home defence with handout ships
  • Ship Replacement and Fleet Rewards


  • Omega Main
  • 5m Skill Points
  • Able to use & join comms (mumble, discord)
  • 360 fleet minutes per month
  • Attend all Stratop & CTA level ops while online

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