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New to FUSEN

This wiki page is intended as a guide for new members of the corp- if you are not in FUSEN, this information may not apply.

Welcome to Fusion Enterprises LTD!

You have gone through our application process and are now at a big turning point in your EvE career. You will be moving to new space, with new rules, making new friends along the way and this guide is set out to make it as smooth a transition as possible.

Your New Home

FUSEN is a member of Test Alliance Please Ignore, and as such we deploy to forward operation bases for wars but also benefit from ratting and mining areas to replenish wallets or simply chill and have a good time when it's quiet. We might also be tasked to look after certain pockets of space (raise ADMs, remove hostile structures, secure friendly infrastructure etc.). Because situation is fluent under current war circumstances, please find information regarding deployment areas, current tasks or other details in the ingame corp channel MOTD or ask for details on Discord, chat or open comms. Corp members will be glad to offer assistance (we pride ourselves being a helpful corp) or you can ask members of the management team to give you a hand (you can find a list in corp bulletins).

Do NOT fly expensive (>1bn ISK) ships in our areas we are tasked to look after: They might be in close proximity to the war front, and thus subject to increased hostile activity, or the ship replacement values (if applicable) will be capped to much lower values. For these areas we have corp doctrines and even handout ships available locally (for both mining and ratting).

Currently supercap and rorqual mining umbrella is inactive in our old home (Esoteria) as we are in the process of moving.

Relevant guides for living in our space:

Eso Standing Guide (For Everyone)Mining EtiquetteRatting EtiquetteRorqual Mining Primer

Your New Friends

Joining a corp is a social experience and by talking with others in the corp you will learn fast. We use two programs for communication: Mumble and Discord.

You must set up:

FUSEN Discord Used for friendly chatter, pinging corp ops and making important announcements within FUSEN.

TEST Discord Used for pinging alliance PVP, making alliance announcements and for joining closed groups within TEST.

PAPI Discord Used for pinging fleets open to all of PAPI in the war. Fleets here may or may not have TEST FCs/tracking/SRP.

TEST Mumble Used for talking to others in corp and alliance. A mic is not required but you should be on there (Or in the relevant fleet channel) while out in space.

Legacy (Voltron) Mumble Used for coalition fleets. Ensure you have it bookmarked like other mumble servers for ease of access when a fleet forms.

PAPI Mumble Mumble for all of PAPI, instructions are in the PAPI discord linked above. Uses Pandemic Horde services which you must log into.

Note: if the TEST Discord and Mumble services are not available to you, wait up to 30 minutes. If they still aren't available, go to this page, click the 'EVE API Keys' tab and hit the 'Update Access' button.

Finding Information

Alliance information can be found in two main places:

TEST Wiki Where you are now. Contains a huge amount of up to date information; Browse it with the Sitemap.

TEST Forums Used for info on current affairs or other news.

Corp Bulletin & Corp Welcome Mail (In-Game) Has information on travelling around our space, ADMs, buyback, hangars and more.

Your New Enemies

We are members of TEST Alliance, not renters, so we fight to defend our space. Here is a reminder of our PvP requirements:

  • You must obtain 360 fleet minutes per month. Check how many you have here
  • You must attend any Stratops or CTAs that occur while you are online. If you missed one that is currently going on, try to catch up and do not go out to krab (make isk).
  • You must train towards fleet doctrines (see below).

In fleets you cannot simply fly any old ship, instead we use doctrines, which are sets of specifically fitted ships which work well together. In order to find what doctrines should be where and what they include, see here. This page also shows you where you must have jump clones.

We reccommend that those low on ISK or Skills train into a Universal Support Ship. These can be used with ANY doctrine in ANY staging except where you are specifically told not to bring them. This means you have no excuse to not join fleets as you only need to train one ship.

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