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Event Horizon Expeditionaries is a corporation of pvp minded industrialists!

Most of us do all things, from small gang flying, ISK making with ratting, Planetary Interaction, freighting and market, Moon and Ice mining to flying the biggest of ships in combat. We operate in AU and EU Timezones with a smaller presence in US TZ. If you want a taste of everything Eve has to offer, like hanging out in comms or quietly lurking in corp chat in game or discord with a group of relaxed people who have experienced most of Eve, come join us.

We are living in Outer Passage as part of TEST Alliance, with amazing industrial structures, keepstars for super capital homes and sotiyos for building great and small and corp athanors for moons.

Combat: As a corporation in TEST we have some great opportunities to shoot small gang roamers, ESS robbers, wormholers and step it up, join alliance fleets for major fleet and capital combat ! New pvp pilots welcome.

Mining in Null Sec: all the ores! More ice belts and moon ore that we can mine, Shared moons with members boosting for each other, everyone is pretty friendly. New pve pilots welcome.

Ratting: Have you discovered Stormbringer ratting yet! Drone lands ratting has some unique qualities and ratting in peace is one of them.

How to apply Send an Eve mail or Discord for a chat: Chi Aki (Chi Aki#2554) or Tolor Veren (CorSec/Tolor #8882) or EHEXP-Diplo channel in game

Create your auth account at

  • Create your account and verify your email address.
  • Add your API key (full account wide key)
  • Click on the “HR” tab in Auth and select “Create an application”
  • Select the Character you wish to apply with and select Event Horizon Expeditionaries and click “Apply”.
  • Click “Submit Application” and it should take you back to a list of your current applications.
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